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CMCCO takes pride in its team of experts and professionals operating under the different units and entities in our different locations all over the Middle East. In Project Management, we follow a strict hierarchal and systematic organization between our coordination team at the headquarters and the deployed on-site team. Both Teams are comprised of Design and Engineering Experts, Quality Experts and others that coordinate to provide the client the best in Timeliness, cost and quality control.

With the simple principle that if the project management team wasn't organized, they won't be able to manage projects successfully, CMCCO pays a lot of concentrated attention to its project management team organization and coordination. It's project management team always follows strict communication and coordination procedure amongst team members and with the clients following the job-specific organizational chart for each project. This organizational plan will allocate personnel between office versus site activities.

The major project management roles that assigned for each project include design management. procurement, finance and administration, supervision of the work, changes to the prime contract, subcontract administration, budget and schedule control, progress reporting, quality control, safety; and document processing. Depending on the size, type and requirements of the project, CMCCO will create the management plan and build the project management team. This team constitutes of engineers and experts with years of experience in their domains of expertise and in project management.





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