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 Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a process of design and specification, which monitors the project from the  initial concept up to the issuance of the last construction variation. Value Engineering Analysis identifies and provides the required functions of a project at the lowest possible cost, keeping the design intent unchanged, which will result in the following:

  • Savings on construction costs

  • Lower life cycle costs

  • Improved operational performance

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Identification of risks and mitigation strategies

It is normal that the integration of a Value Engineering program will result in a project savings of 5% to 15%, and a functional design constructible within budget. At the beginning of a project, a Value Engineering analysis is performed to ensure that the design submitted by consultant is within the overall cost constraints at all project phases. This analyses is done by examining the design and drawing submittals, monitoring and commenting on their progress in coordination with the design consultant in order to make any necessary adjustments on the drawings to ensure that the project remains within budget. Cost, time and efficiency studies are conducted to make sure that these aspects are compromised. This study also analyses any high cost or problematical elements with the design.

Value engineering analyses is done by a multi-disciplinary team of architectural, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers as necessary for the project. The analysis also involves the owner, design consultant and the project management party to ensure all stakeholder requirements are met. This team involved in the Value engineering study of the project coordinates this study from the preparation phase till the submittal of the final report. Throughout this study, the team considers all the project components that have potential for high savings, analyzes alternate design proposals in terms of cost estimate until final selection and criteria are selected and submitted in a final Value Engineering Report.

Our Value Engineering Services Breakdown:

  • Budget Analysis and Research

  • Construction Cost Modeling and Cost Control

  • VE Job Planning

  • VE Function Analysis

  • Life Cycle Costing Modeling (LCC)

  • VE Report Preparation and submittal



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Value Engineering Services

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