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 Design Review

CMCCO is also ready to support your projects technically with its design review services. Whereas with our design management services, we manage the design process including design progress monitoring our design review services is the technical review of design submittals by the engineering consultant.

CMCCO offers its clients a systematic approach to design review to ensure that the design meets all necessary requirements and has no errors that will cause time delays and cost implications to correct during construction. That's why our approach to design management starts early in the project's life and goes through several review cycles. All of this is done to ensure a smooth construction operation with minimum disputes and maximum project saving.

An intensive in-depth review of design submittals by the consultant is done to ensure quality of design and identify any problems or errors. Our design management team studies the submittals in terms of procurement planning, Time estimation, Cost control and several other aspects determined by the project design to ensure project feasibility. Our design management team is a multidisciplinary technical team of professionals that make sure designs conform to the following key principles:

  • Design Assumptions are Justifiable and design criteria are valid

  • Design Meets Requirements from the statutory authorities

  • Design Matches all applicable codes and regulations

  • Design is accuracy and fully coordinated in all its aspects

  • Design meets the contractual requirements of the terms of Reference and design agreement

  • Design enables implementation of cost effective systems and materials

  • Design has the highest standards of production quality, timeliness and Cost efficiency



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Design Review Services

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