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 Risk Management

Our Project Risk Management Services include the processes concerned with conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, responses, monitoring and control on a project. Risk management is a cyclic process that starts at the project's early planning phases and last  all the way till post project close-out. Processes are therefore continuously monitored and updated throughout the project in order to increase the probability and impact of positive events, and decrease the probability and impact of events adverse to the project.

Risk Management Process includes the Following:


  • Feasibility Studies

  • Risk Management Planning

  • Risk Identification

  • Qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Risk Response Planning

  • Risk Monitoring and Control

Prior to the project planning phase, CMCCO's Risk Management Team analyses the feasibility of the suggested project. This is a major step in deciding whether of not the project is executable and viable within all the requirements of the stakeholders involved. Then once a project is approved and considered feasible, the risk management procedure is carried all through the project lifecycle from planning to execution and closeout.

The Project Risk Management processes include Risk Management Planning in which CMCCO describes its risk management activities and plan. CMCCO's team also identifies all the risks that accompany the project, analyzes them quantitatively and qualitatively and accordingly planes its risk response strategy and plan and its risk monitoring and control systems. Risk Management ensures that all project aspects have been well considered and planned and all risk elements that might affect the project have been previously studied and assessed. This increased the likelihood of project success within requirements.



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Risk Management Services

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