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 Contract Management

CMCCO has huge experience is contract management and administration as well as in claim management, dispute resolution and arbitration. Besides providing contract management services in line with it project management scope of work, CMCCO is ready to support you with your specific contract management needs.

Our contract management team is ready to support you from the initial stages of your project with all your contract management needs starting with the verification of all project documents and preparing the tender conditions and documents. Moreover, we help you with the evaluation of bidders and negotiation processes until the drafting of the contract documents. Through out the project execution phases, CMCCO assists you with contract management in progress to ensure all conditions are met along with all the necessary change management procedure and tracking till the contract closeout phases.

Finally CMCCO is an expert in claim and counter claim preparation and management as well as the resolution of disputes and attributes with international experience in European courts and an in-depth knowledge with the requirements of FIDIC, Islamic shareea and other applicable laws in the region. This has enabled CMCCO to provide several prestigious clients over the years with this service and to successfully manage their claims.

Our Contract Management Services are summarized below:


  • Tender Conditions

  • Tender Document Preparation

  • Bidder Evaluation

  • Contracts Management in Progress

  • Change Management Tracking

  • Claims and Counter Claims

  • Disputes Resolution and Attributes

  • Contracts Closeout



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Contract Management Services

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