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 HSSE Management (Health, Safety, and Environment)

CMCCO's HSSE defines the management framework and processes that the Contractor should utilize for the HSSE management during the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the project. Contracting firms should maintain the highest standards of safety and health and a project safety action plan reduces the potential for injuries and unwanted losses by calling out potential hazards or high-risk operations. Within the scope of this services, CMCCO describes and provides all information  to the implementation of responsibilities, standards and correct working practices for the management of the HSSE risks associated with the Project activities undertaken by the Contractor

A key safety component in construction projects is the influence of design on the performance of structures. Constructability reviews of design can improve site means and methods by uncovering difficult details or resolving material size issues. That's why our HSSE management process starts early on at the design stage making sure that all safety and environmental issues and hazards are accounted for. Our HSSE management team will come up with a plan for HSSE management and carry it through during project execution. Furthermore, our HSSE  team will conduct environmental impact analysis and environmental management procedures to reduce environmental damage and construction waste and increase the project sustainability.

At CMCCO, we adhere strongly to our accident- free projects motto maintaining the health and safety of all projects personnel and workers and cutting down project risk and hazards from injury and accidents. As such out HSSE management team creates organizing procedures to identify the causes of incidents and to develop action plan and preventive measures. This also includes reporting procedure and at times staff training.

The scope of our HSSE Management services is as follows:   

  • Preparation of HSSE Management procedures and Guidelines

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Revision and preparation of  HSSE Deliverables

  • Emergency response planning

  • HSSE assurance and supervision

  • HSE Induction and training



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HSSE Management Services

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