Consultation Services Units

Unit Name

1. Project Management Unit


Project Management & construction man agement consultation for all types of large scale projects, to insure execution of project within budget, time & quality requirements to the satisfaction of the client.
2. Business Development Unit


General Management consultation, human resources management, organization & restructuring and gape analysis.
3. Engineering Management Unit


Management of Engineering activities from the design criteria stage till all stages of design to insure progress of engineering activities with quality requirements as per approved international standards & to the satisfaction of the project scope definition.
4. Systems Development Unit


Design, development & implementation of control systems sector including financial management systems, accounting, human resources management, project management, industrial management, and maintenance & asset management.
5. Management Information Systems Unit


Helps companies improve their performance and develop their services, information, and relation with customers, suppliers & employees. Offers information technology management consultancy, enabling customers to support business opportunities and performance with efficient and innovative solutions like GIS, data mining, data warehousing, content management, CRM, E-commerce, knowledge management & IT architectures.
6. Quality Assurance Unit


Quality management in helping organization to develop their quality manual & in implementation of their quality programs as ISO or six sigma standards or as any internal quality procedures requirement.
7. Quality Control Unit


Provision of quality control consultation services including verification of abidance by international quality standards & insuring proper inspection for works under execution with provision of expertise to serve in testing missions.
8. Environmental Development Unit


Consultation & research for environmental projects, environmental impact analysis for construction & industrial projects.
9. Legal Services Unit


To handle the contracting disputes until arbitration & settlement in cooperation with our unit lawyers of international legal experience.
10. Safety Management Unit


Consultants for development & implementation of safety programs for construction & industry together with safety requirements for design at the engineering stage.
11. Real Estate Development Unit


Consultation & studies in real estate investment, development & contractual terms. Research in improvement of property management & assets management procedures.
12. Maintenance Management Unit


Research & consultation for improvement of maintenance management systems & procedures for maintenance projects & activities.
13. Extreme Engineering Unit


1 Research & studies in modern engineering solutions for large scale projects.

2 Performance of special engineering missions and research by several specialize experts engineers.

14. Infra Structure Consultation Unit


Research & studies in improvements of infra structure solutions for large scale projects.
15. Online Project Management Unit


Implementation of on line project management solutions & web based project management processes & analysis.
16. Financial Management Unit


Provide financial consultancy & research in the service of organization financial management.

17. Geotechnical Consultation Unit


Research & studies for geotechnical solution in large scale projects.
18. Specialized Contracting Unit


Execution of some contracting mission of high technical requirements that are not easily executed by ordinary contractors.
19. Industrial Development Unit


Industrial consultation & studies regarding construction of industrial projects or improvement and of executing industries