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 Company Overview:

Since 1987 our company was established by a group of experts & engineers who did intensive research & effort to implement modern project management techniques , procedures & scientific research to support clients, consultants , contractors & investors in multi project management techniques development , Engineering , research & general management development .

    Construction & management consultant is a leader consultant company in the domain of project management , research ,engineering ,general management & staff development. Our company service was concentrated on intensive experts research in progressive project management techniques improvement  & related staff development to enhance staff performance in construction , industry & investment.

    For many companies intensive effort was done by our experts to help these companies establish, develop & operate a central project management unit (PMU) to handle multi project management responsibilities for running projects over several operation countries.

    Also thousands of managers & engineers   from many companies over Middle East region did intensive senior training by attending seminars at our human resources development program (HRDP), which is presented by our senior experts  in their domain.

    Construction & Management Consultant multi projects management system is also including sophisticated database & procedures developed by our experts to organize all project management duties & procedures such as planning, estimation, quantity surveying, cost control, contract administration, quality control, accounting related & quality procedures implementation. Our office of development is satisfying our client’s multi project management expanding needs by continuously upgrading this system.

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Company Structure:

Our company is composed of the following units

A-Operations Management Unit (OMU):

This unit is responsible for management of all our company operations

B- Consultation & technical support systems development unit (CTSDU):

   This unit is responsible for development & upgrade of our construction & management consultant multi project management system & all consultation & research procedures.

C-Human resources development programs development unit (HRDPU):

  This unit is responsible for development & upgrade of our staff training seminars.

D-Consultation & technical support program unit (CTSP):

  This unit is responsible for providing consultation & technical support for our clients.

E-Human resources development unit (HRDP):

This unit is responsible for organization & presentations of staff training seminars.

F-Contacts administration unit (CAU):

This unit is responsible for coordination with all our clients & possible clients to insure client satisfaction & implementation of appropriate marketing strategy.

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