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Current Research List Plan

The Below List represents the current and ongoing researches executed by BISRC as non-profit Activity
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  • Litany river industrial pollution classification and analysis
  • Industrial pollution treatment and prevention in Lebanon
  • Industrial waste treatment techniques for safe disposal in rivers of Lebanon
  • Environmental assessment study mainframe
  • Cost analysis for industrial waste treatment solutions to be implemented in Lebanon
  • Guide design for prototype cost effective industrial waste treatment solution
  • Air pollution practical measurement devices
  • Comparative analysis between gas and gasoline fuel in regard to air pollution impact including cost comparative analysis
  • Solid waste management techniques and alternatives most appropriate for Lebanon
  • Industrial processes that may use Lebanon solid waste management as raw material for recycling and chemical products
  • Prototype guide design for biogas power plant suitable for Lebanon solid waste

Renewable Energy

  •  Prototype guide design for wind generator of 1 mw in Lebanon with guide cost life cycle costing analysis
  •  Obstacles and barriers for implementation of wind and solar energy for homes
  •  Prototype guide design for geothermal heating and cooling solutions for residential
  •  Energy storage problems in off grid renewable energy solutions
  •  Life cycle costing analysis for off grid renewable energy solutions
  •  Reliability comparative analysis for all renewable energy systems implemented in the international market

Water Efficiency

  •  Prototype optimum appropriate design for water desalination treatment plant for Beirut well water
  •  Durability study including maintenance and replacement requirements for all types of reversed osmoses membranes for several plantsí capacity categories
  • Operation and maintenance optimum methodology for RO medium capacity water treatment units
  •  Prototype optimum design for mobile assembled RO water treatment unit

Project Management

  •  Implementation study for project control procedures implemented on the BIM modeling
  •  Selection Analysis for the optimum project integration management tools on the cloud
  •  Statistical survey for all project management software implementation success and failure over the last 20 years
  • Research for optimum guide project control methodology for small scale projects
  •  Integration of planning progress to BIM models
  •  Guide to integration of cost management to BIM models
  •  Guide to integration of project closing services to the BIM model


  • Analysis for Mackenzie Lebanon study to come up with recommendations for startups and small business entrepreneurs
  • Analysis of the health care sector in Lebanon to recommend guide business plan for startup of small-scale services in the sector
  • Guide business plan for small to medium scale agricultural industrial startups in Lebanon and other me countries
  • Guide business plan for Eco-Village prototype implementation in Lebanon and Middle East
  • Guide business plan for small scale industrial assembly workshops in Lebanon and Middle East
  • Guide market study for Lebanon and global market demand for Lebanese agricultural products
  • Guide market study for Lebanon and global market demand for Lebanese industrial products
  • Integration guide study for touristic areas in Lebanon and some middle East countries

Digital Technology

  • Guide business plan for a digital service for entrepreneurs
  • Guide business plan for e commerce projects to be implemented thru Lebanon
  • Guide business plan for software development company startup
  • Guide business plan for cloud-based computing service company

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